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You can browse the user manual online, or download it in PDF format here.


Digital Logic Simulation

What is simulation? Simulation in MALACHITE is a feature that allows you to see what would happen if you were to apply current to your circuit. Assuming you have signal generators in your circuit, it will cause the wires to colour according to whether they're high, low, or metastable. Blue represents logic 0, red logic 1, and yellow metastability. There are two ways you can simulate the circuit - you can run it, or step through it.

A circuit as it would appear after construction is below. Below that is the same circuit in simulation mode. Click either to enlarge.


Stepping through a circuit updates the state of the circuit one clock-tick for each step. You step the circuit by pressing the Step button near the bottom left-hand corner of the window (below). Each time the button is pressed, the state of the circuit is updated.


Running a circuit causes it to update continuously, effectively stepping over and over again. To run the circuit, press the Start button at the bottom-left of the display (above). To end the run, press Stop.

You can control the speed of the simulation using the slider at the bottom of the display. Moving it to the left slows the simulation, moving to the right speeds it up.


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