Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race, August 16 2002.

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My little sister was on 'The Morning Star of Revelation' on the Brest to La Corouna leg of the 2002 tall ships race, so on a -really- hot August day, we went to gawp at the pretty sailing ships when the came back to Portsmouth. Pretty rigging, lots of white paint, and men in sailor-suits...

[Ed: I don't remember the names of most of these ships, so I'll ask my sister, who will, and then update the notes.]

The littlest class of ships - Morning Star size - sorry, I'm clueless about maritime stuff...
And some rather bigger sailing ships - owned by, among others, the Russian Navy. Their crew of cadets get pennies pay, and then only when on shore-leave. Some of the most impressive rigging and masts, though.

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These photos are ©K.Stitt 2002-2003. Please contact me at for permission if you wish to use them. Some of these photos are available as art prints - if you're interested, please enquire on the address above.