The Championships, WIMBLEDON, Day 4 -
June 24, 2002.

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A wonderful day out which began with standing in a queue at 7 in the morning, and ended with us meeting Linford Christie and John Inverdale doing a filler piece for BBC Sport. The matches photographed here are first Vacek v Ancic (won, eventually, by Vacek), and Coetzer v Batacha (won by Baltacha, much to everyone's surprise). Both winners went out in the next round.

There are a few more photos on the next roll of film, which will have to join these in due course, when I manage to finish it :) The perils of Real Film Photography, y'know... Speaking of which, all the match photos here were taken on a manual Vivtar SLR with 70-210 manual zoom, on 400 ISO film. And yes, I know that's too slow for sports photography. Which explains why the focus is occasionally dodgy, 'cos I had the aperture right open to get the shutter speed I wanted. I'm quite happy with the results, considering.

The queue...
Seen from Court 3...
Mario Ancic.
Jan Vacek
Ancic, being variably acrobatic...
Vacek, victorious.
Coetzer, in warm up...
And Elena Baltacha, likewise.
Random view. I think I liked the clouds, but I got the exposure wrong for them to come out.
... prepares to serve
Baltacha prepares to recieve service.
Linford Christie, John Inverdale, and the camera man at the 'Speed of Serve' gadget...
... And signing autographs.

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These photos are © K. Stitt 2002-2005. Please contact me at for permission if you wish to use them. Some of these photos are available as art prints - if you're interested, please enquire on the address above.